Pint of Cowell

The Legends of Craft Beer – the legends of Watling St.

So far we have Isaac Newton, Mary Shelley, Jack the Ripper, Queen Boudicca and Wat Tyler. As our stalwarts.

On Tuesday 29th May, we introduce another legend. He grew up in Elstree, where Watling St directs the suburb. A polarising figure, there is no question though he has shaped the way we consume entertainment. Be it music or TV, Simon Cowell is a force to be reckoned with.

This special limited edition brew has been made for Simon Cowell and he gets to pull the first pint on LIVE tv, during an episode of Britain’s Got More talent.

The beer itself is called a “Pint of Cowell” and its a punchy American style Pale Ale. Bold unapologetic flavours, just like the King, King Cowell.

Simon Cowell Beer

We also have a snap code available, so you can get in on the fun of this glorious pint.

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We’re going to make this available to everyone very soon but in the meantime enjoy £15 off a case of our other beers with code BGMT (valid until 10/06/2018). The shop’s this way!