Reflecting on the last year

It has been one hell of a ride to get to this pint, er point.

A little over a year of hand crafting and refining the initial recipes and creating some new ones along the way.

There is still an ever increasing number of breweries popping up and just last weekend, I was walking around a lovely little farmers market when I stumbled upon yet another crafty beer person in the realms of setting up.

It was quite a feeling. There I was, still a complete novice in the grand scale of brewing, feeling like an age old master, trying to impart some of the experience I have gathered along my own journey.

There are so many things I would do differently if I were to start this all over. If anyone reading this is considering starting a brewery of any size, then do feel free to get in touch and I will give you honest insight into what to look out for in your decision making.

Brewing is bloody hard work. I won’t sugar coat it. However, it is also exceptionally rewarding to see people choose your product over more established brands. That warm fuzzy feeling is amplified further, when they enjoy your product and order more!

Of course, the warm fuzzy feeling oft has the converse effect when the chain of beer management or customer expectation is not managed.

I always attempt to deliver my beer in pristine condition to an establishment, alas this is the point of no return. The custodianship changes and the new curator perhaps doesn’t have the same passion for the product as the brewer. It is the most difficult part of the cycle to manage.

The owner of the establishment might not always be at hand to make sure the lines are cleaned regularly, or the beer is racked, vented and tapped correctly. Beer lines aren’t pulled through the next day resulting in one to many stale line pints being served, or in slow moving houses, vinegar is served. Too often, staff are ill-equipped and perhaps are not even beer appreciators. Some just don’t give a monkeys.

At this point, the warms fuzzy feeling turns to a chill. The point from chilled to “stab my eyes out”is ironically the result of politeness.

When the beloved punter, who has so kindly taken a chance on the new brew on the block, is too polite to complain to the bar that they believe there is an issue with the condition of the beer. Oh no, instead of being within their right to question the number of days a cask has been ON, or have the lines been pulled at the start of the day, the fury grows from within, sip by sip.

Eventually, a trip switch in their brain fries out and a brand attack on various social media platforms takes place. One star ratings, complaints about the price of the pint, the stink in the toilets.

A polite request, if you think the beer is old and tired, it probably is. Hand it back to the bar and request a different beer.

I do try and play nice when I see such scathing attacks. It is always an invitation to pop in at the brewery for a fresh pint. The way beer should be enjoyed.

On that note, if you’re looking for a fresh pint, be sure to look out for events at the brewery or our days out, all listed on the EVENTS page of the website.