Running and beer – a winning combo

Why do people run?

Some run to shift a few kilos or to maintain weight, others to realise the plentiful health benefits of regular exercise and some just as a means to an end with a greater goal, such as a marathon. I believe running is the best way to get rid of a hangover. Running is also very sociable.

Why do people drink beer?

Too many reasons to mention really. I like to think the best beers are when you feel you deserve one. Almost celebratory. Drinking beer is also very sociable

Every Saturday morning at 9am, thousands of runners all over the world venture out to their local park and run a timed 5km.  These fantastic events are fun, free and also very sociable. A perfect way to kick off any weekend. All you need is a pair of trainers and a Barcode (for your times).

We recognise your Saturday morning run and would like to give you a drink to celebrate. Each Saturday, a growing number of pubs will honour your Barcode for 1 free pint of WatlingStBeer.

It’s simple really. Follow us on social media and every Saturday, search the hashtag #BarcodeBeer to find out where you can redeem your Barcode for a pint. If your local isn’t on the list, ask them to get in touch and get involved.

Remember to run and drink responsibly, but please, always be sociable.